Welcome to NEFAF

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Welcome to NEFAF

Join Us! How to Help


The New England Fall Astronomy Festival is happening September 9th & 10th at the UNH Observatory!


NEFAF is an out of this world weekend event for the whole family!

The UNH Observatory is located on Spinney Rd. Durham – on the west edge of the Durham Campus.

The Festival begins with the Keynote Lecture on Friday night at 7:00 PM delivered by this year’s special guest, Dr. Seth Shostak, of the SETI Institute. Join us afterwards for laser pointer talks under the stars and observing of the night sky!

The Festival re-opens on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM with educational activities, games, safe solar observing, science talks, demonstrations, and raffle drawings and more.

Food and beverages are provided for sale by Ramon’.

NEFAF’s goal is to ignite your interest in astronomy. Not only should you attend New England’s Fall Astronomy Festival but you should take advantage of all the other astronomy happenings in NH. There are observatory and sidewalk observing sessions open to the throughout the state, every month.

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2016 Fall Astronomy Festival UNH Lecture-Flyer

2016 Fall Astronomy Festival Reception Flyer

Our Events!
  • Gaze at the sun safely
  • Explore our galaxy through dozens of different telescopes
  • Learn from experts
  • Play astronomy-themed games
  • Ask an astronomer
  • Discover what UNH space scientists are unveiling
  • Telescope clinics and demonstrations
  • Hands-on activities for kids